Skinny : 
noun /skɪn.i/ informal 
[u] The true information about someone or something.* 

* Cambridge online dictionary. 2015

about me

Ardika Pradnya The Skinny Report Fashion Blog

"First, my dear, arranged to be born in Paris, and the rest will follow". - Diana Vreeland. 

I was indeed born in Paris. But my upbringing in Indonesia gave me a constant thirst about a bigger world. The razzle-dazzle of the entertainment world and pop culture gave me that fantasy, and i thank MTV for introducing me to that. (Remember when MTV was actually all about music?)


Life in Paris taught me later on as i pursued my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration followed by a Master's in Luxury Management; that inner chic-ness is eternal, you can learn it, but if you depend on fashion labels to give you that, then you're fucked. 


Being used to wear uniform growing up and living in the fashion capital only grew my fascination to the fashion world even further. I then decided that I wanted to work in the business side of fashion.  I ended up trying out different parts of the industry from being a PR assistant to sales assistant at Dior and Valentino. I also must credit the internship i did at a buying office, where I was specifically assigned to source for brands for a major US luxury department store. It has allowed me to get a wider sight of the industry, and various players inside it. 

Along with my current post as Digital Coordinator at L'Officiel Indonesia magazine, my obsession with the world of fashion and entertainment will be fed to this site, a great media to express the many opinions I have about the two worlds.


If you wish to get in touch with me, drop a message in the form below, and let's talk! If not, well i hope you enjoy every page of this site, and really get the SKINNY on the fashion world and my own two cents. 

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