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Updated: May 6, 2020

This month, the fashion industry graced us with its newest trailblazers. Fierce trailblazers.

Halima Aden has already made headlines as the first hijabi woman to participate in an American beauty pageant at Miss Minessota competition. This time, the gorgeous Somali American was featured in CR Fashion Book's 10th Issue, and got one of the covers!

My first reaction was YAAAAAAS girl WORK that hijab!

In a time when many were stranded in American airports due to their nationality, religion, or muslim names, this couldn't come in a better timing. To me it just looks like a major F U to the Trump administration and whoever around the world who supports the ban's policy.

I don't have a particular fascination to women in hijab. I've seen them alot growing up in a predominently muslim country. But this just shows more diversity in the fashion scene, and it is refreshing. Must I add that not only Halima is super gorgeous, she also looks fierce as fuck in whatever mama Carine was styling her in.

Halima continues to slay the fashion game by walking in major shows during fashion week. Considering the fashion season is not even finished when I am writing this post, I'd like to know if more major Maisons would let her walk in their shows.

Halima Aden poses for CR Fashion Book editorial

[Mario Sorrenti/CR Fashion Book]

Another face that we get to discover this month is non other than Valentina Sampaio. The Brazilian model VOGUES her way into becoming the first ever transgender beauty to cover a Vogue edition, by pouting on the cover of Vogue Paris' March 2017 issue.

Am i the only one who got a Doutzen Kroes vibe from her??

Valentina Sampaio on the cover of Vogue Paris march 2017 issue

[Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot/Vogue Paris]

This cover comes right in time when transgender rights are shaken up and has become another debate in the US. As the Trump administration's decision to take out rights for transgender people to use whatever bathroom they want, the fashion industry decides to embrace transgender beauty.

I would say BRAVO to Emannuelle Alt and Vogue Paris for showing various types of beauty, but also MERCI for finally not being boring and predictable. After recent contents that were just 'blah' and safe and predictable, they finally have abit of balls to show something groundbreaking and worth talking about.

I can see fashion is retaliating towards the fucked up political and social issues that have been going on, and these two women happen to be their weapon.


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