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Updated: May 6, 2020

To those who think Lady Gaga was 'playing it safe' for 'not being political enough' during her Halftime Show at the Super Bowl LI: ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL?

I mean, can we talk?

To me, not only it was spectacular, as we expected from her, but it was full of subtle political shade.

Here is why:

Lady Gaga performed at the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas

Started from the very beginning where she sang God Bless America (patriotic much?) in custom Versace of course (She's playing Donatella in an upcoming biopic series for fashion's sake), then she mashed it up with This Land is Your Land, which was written as a protest song by Woody Guthrie, and has become an anthem for anti-Trump's protests all over the US who protested against his anti-immigrants policies. Can it be more political than that?


She then continued by performing her song Born This Way, which pretty much says it all. The song lyrics itself is full of inclusion and pro-LGBT messages. Basically this part of the performance was an equivalent to 20 protesters in a megaphone yelling at Mike Pence.

This was also the first time ever that the word "transgender" is mentioned in a typically mega-heterosexual Super Bowl. So...what else she could do to send across her message?

Lady Gaga hugged a fan during her Super Bowl Halftime show performance


Well, she then continued by performing her recent track Million Reasons. Ok ok she gave a shoutout to her parents which was cute but anywayyy, at the end of the song she sang directly to her mega fans who participated in her performance as the field audience. She then sang the phrase "Why don't YOU stay?" to a fan who she hugged after. The girl she chose though, was a latina-looking girl or a colored background. Random? MAYBE NOT.

Before the show, Gaga clearly said that her performance will include the message she has been vocalizing for years. It is true, the performance was essentially Gaga. But if you squint, there were absolutely alot of SHADE being thrown to the Trump administration, delivered with icing on top and a chocolate that says "A Message of Unity",a true Gaga style.

Bottom line is, Lady Gaga doesn't need to scream political messages. She IS political. Therefore all she needed to do was just to slay her singing and dancing, which she did.

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