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Updated: May 6, 2020

"WHO GETS PAID TO WEAR WHAT?" should be the real question that we ask when looking at the red carpet of the Oscars or any other major award shows. This is the time when celebrities and A-list stars are naturally walking and posing on the red carpet, stop by for an interview and being asked "Who are you wearing?"

meryl streep wearing lanvin at the 2015 Oscars red carpet

[Photo: AP]

Exactly, that question; "WHO are you wearing?" is literally a million dollar question. Obviously we all know these stars didn't choose something off the rack. They are dressed by designers and as an exchange MUST mentioned their name as a credit when being interviewed. But it turns out that it is much more than just personal endorsements, some celebs are actually paid to wear designers' pieces on the red carpet. Yep, red carpet IS a business on its own honey!

This might be an old topic but what happened recently with Meryl Streep and her Chanelgate scandal definitely brought this issue up.

So here's what happened. Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel's creative director and legendary designer, just threw some serious shade at Meryl Streep by calling her "talented, but cheap"for her desicion not to be dressed in Chanel (for the Oscars) as she only wants to be paid to wear someone's creation. She eventually denied, then Chanel cleared the mess up and Meryl still expected an apology from the Parisian maison.

Well, even if it was true Mery Streep would not be the only celebrity who demands a red carpet modelling fee. Celebrities often get paid ALOT to wear something from a particular house.

In an article published by Refinery29, New York Times' Vanessa Friedman revealed some juicy informations about the whole industry of red carpet dressing, during a conference at the Savannah College of Art and Design. God bless her for going on and talk about the money.

How much? Let's follow the money trail..

Apparently back in 2008, Charlize Theron's red carpet income was revealed. Charlize received $50,000 for wearing two Chopard jewelry pieces to the BAFTAs. She received $200,000 for wearing Chopard to the Oscars. She didn't get paid to wear Cartier to the Golden Globes but hey, she received a $35,000 ring, a $7,500 bracelet, and a $8,000 pair of earrings. That is $50,000 worth of gifts, ladies and gentlemen.

Charlize Theron at the 2016 Oscars in Dior and Chopard

[Photo: Getty Images]

Recently, I also figured out that designer Philipp Plein also paid many celebrities to wear his collections in the red carpet. Bevy Smith, mostly known for her show Fashion Queens on Bravo spilled the tea during her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. In this case, i'm not even surprised. Philipp Plein has been throwing alot of money to stage the most extravagant fashion show every season. Whatever it takes to pull the attention away from the actual clothes.

Major award shows such as The Oscars, is an extremely huge exposure for any brand. It is the best marketing tool that can actually help generate sales for the brand. That alone should be the reason why celebrities demand to be compensated.

Personally, I'd love to see celebrities use their power to help out younger talents in the fashion industry who don't get enough exposure, and obviously can't afford a celebrity.

Is there an A-list celebrity who is willing to stand up for new designers and wear their creation to the biggest night in Hollywood?

Let's sit and watch then.

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