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Updated: May 6, 2020

I've been kind of obsessed with everything space-related these days. No joke.

Though it has always been an interesting subject, before i'd never bother to look deep into it. Not only my mathematics and science level is capital D for Disastrous to be able to contribute to any space programs, i'm also not too keen on being strapped into a bomb and launched into the sky someday.

But today i won't mind swooning over Thomas Pesquet or getting curious on how the International Space Station (ISS) operates, how to get there, figuring out about Soyuz, or any possibility to travel farther, especially to the recently discovered set of planets out there. Then I fell into videos of unidentified objects caught flying around the ISS and accidently caught on NASA live feeds (seriously though you tell me what THAT is!). Some YouTube videos later, i even found myself watching a video about unresolved mysteries of the pyramids.

OK I clearly went abit too far, but I am not the only one who is sucked into that blackhole. Space is in the news these days, and the fashion world is digging it.

Escapism is the trend. From political uproar over the US election to overall disgust over the war, this ban or that ban, brexit or that shit, you name it ; people are enraged. The creative industry like fashion, has responded to a point that fashion show was the new protest march.

Clearly protesting is no longer effective, so all we can do is to escape! And where can we go when the whole world seems to be going through shit? Well, space!

Good news is, some of the designers made an attempt to take us there. At least kind of. Or they can at least make us look chic when aliens come to visit us one day. Here are some of them :

(sidenote- I am not here to review any collection, it's way tooo late and you can find plenty of them on the net):


After announcing that they are leaving New York Fashion Week to show their next collection in Mars (not really, Paris!). I guess Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez could not wait to look ahead into the future that their collection went abit futuristic.

The touch of silver and overall choice of fabrics ensured us all that we definitely have THE wardrobe for a dinner party in Mars.

Proenza Schouler autumn-winter 2017

[Proenza Schouler A/W 2017-18 /Vogue.com]


Who knows what's in Alessandro Michele's mind? The designer has been consistently showing us looks that always got the industry talking, and the clients in store excited! Well, he pushed his vision further this time.

After the house's social media feeds started showing what looks like an alien-only "casting call" for their newest campaign, the internet was buzzing. You did it again Alessandro! He managed to get the media speculating on what the house is up to; possibly casting aliens lookalikes (cause well, those real aliens haven't decided to come out so far), or it could be a secret project and Gucci was trolling us all by only giving us #gucciandbeyond.

Gucci revealed short clips of models dressed as aliens in Gucci over a green screen. So i guess, either they're really about to release an alien-themed film or perhaps a full-blown media campaign.

However, the 'campaign' didn't rub everybody the right way. Later on Gucci is accused of ripping off a Central Saint Martin's student's idea. The student, Piere-Louis Auvray, had some illustrations of alien-like 'creatures' and his designs that he posted on his own instagram account. He quickly threw some shade at Gucci through instagram soon after the campaign was released.

Alessandro later denied the allegation and explained how it all just complete coincidence. He stated that he was inspired by sci-fi movies of the 70s. Coincidence or not, well, at this point don't we ALL fantasize about space?


Always having an obsession to science and the natural world, British designer Christopher Kane proves us once again that we are living in the so-called space age.

Not only we can see futuristic shapes and galactic twist in his autumn-winter 2017 runway collection, he also launched a line of accessories that is available to purchase (see-now-buy-now) appropriately called 'The Space Collection'. It includes bags and shoes with buckles, a Kane signature that originated from his first collection, and available in 6 monochromatic color choices.

Christopher Kane autumn-winter 2017

[Christopher Kane A/W 2017-18 / Vogue.com]

The bags and shoes were reportedly launched into space on Feb. 6 from Ashbourne in Derbyshire, England and landed about three hours later, within 120 miles from the takeoff spot. The company claimed that the bag and shoe reached altitudes of up to 38 km (24 miles) above Earth, with pressures approaching 0 percent compared with sea level, and with temperatures going down to - 64 degrees Celsius (that's -147 degrees Fahrenheit). The 'trip' was documented on a video released on the company's YouTube channel.

Talking about taking your inspiration to a new height.

Christopher Kane devine bag in space

[Christopher Kane's Devine bag of the Space collection, flown in space /YouTube]


You give a theme, and Karl will put on a show for ya. That's what Chanel's Autumn-Winter 2017 collection was about.

Pushing the boundaries by always taking everyone on a journey through their show, plus an astronomical budget too match, a Chanel show always shows a strong statement. Wether it's in Dubai, a Scottish castle, the street of Havana or a freaking airport built inside the Grand Palais in Paris. You name it. Chanel has been there.

This time, the out-of-this-world setting was literally a rocket launching pad, complete with a rocket inside the Grand Palais.

Karl's favourite girls like Lindsey Wixson and Gigi Hadid walked the runway modelling some cosmic chic Chanel silhouettes with a new twist; circular tube necklines (inspired by spacesuits), star constellation embellishments, silver handbags, and a rocket bag. Yes, a rocket bag!

The way to make space chic again.

Chanel fashion show at the Grand Palais

Chanel autumn-winter 2017 looks details

Chanel autumn-winter 2017 looks details

Chanel autumn-winter 2017 accessories

[Chanel A/W 2017-18 /Vogue.com]

They say that fashion should reflect the time that we live in, and we can see that the fashion world is currently dreaming of a different world, or even a different galaxy far far away. Probably exhausted by the current situation in the real world.

Paris will host the next Haute Couture fashion week in July, right after menswear in June. It is interesting how the designers will approach this sense of escapism next. Especially following the results of France's coming presidential election in May, which either way could be historical for the country and even beyond. Where could we possibly go next, Mars?

Well the sky is the limit, or is it?

UPDATE - 27/7/2017

Turn out, Gucci really went on board the space ship (literally) with a campaign film, completely inspired by Star Trek and 50's Sci-fi movies. Directed by Glen Luchford, the campign really uses Star Trek elements that are credited by the label.

Gucci on aliens? Why not! From the images, Alessandro Michele's designs certainly fit the whole vibe of the film. The campaign also cleverly highlight the brand's accessories just as much as the ready to wear pieces.

Check it out yourself.

Watch the campaign on Gucci's instagram page here.

Oh and by the way, as I am updating you with news related to the topic previously written in this article, here is an update: Macron won!

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