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Updated: May 6, 2020

Has it turned into the MEH gala?

It was supposed to be fashion's biggest night in America. Co-chaired by Anna Wintour, the fund raising ball marks the opening of the annual exhibition of the Metropolitan's Museum of Arts Costume Institute.

To honour the event and the subject of the exhibition, guests are given a theme as the dresscode of the night. This year, it is Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons. Known as the pioneer of the anti-fashion movement and avant garde aesthetics, Rei Kawakubo certainly has influenced many designers today. Sadly for this event, many guests lacked efforts to carry the theme and simply paying no mind.

[Rei Kawakubo /Landon Nordeman/ New York Times]

As someone who LOVES theme party and has co-chaired some costume parties on my own (lol!), i was yaaaawning so hard looking at many of the stars' looks.

Why is it? Well. since fashion has become a part of the celebrity and hollywood culture, it has been taken ultra seriously during many high profile events. So serious that almost everyone on the Oscars red carpet look identical.

Given the avant-garde theme, we can see only some celebs with big balls who can pull that off easily. And damn it Gaga, this is ONE gala that she would actually be on-theme and yet she was not even there!

Anyway, Alot of stars just simply wanted to look pretty and sexy, without incorporating the theme into their look whatsoever. I guess they don't get the memo. And for the sake of fashion, it is sad.

However, God bless blogging. Because I am here to honour those who actually dare to follow the theme, even if some of them do not have alot of coverage to the general public. Their efforts deserve some more exposure!

Let's start with the celebrated heroes of the night. Those who smashed the carpet and created alot of media frenzy and endless memes. Check out the galleries below (p.s tap on it to see the captions!)

But we should also celebrate the real unsung heroes, the underrated daredevils who are not afraid to go for avant-garde, yet the media seem to ignore.

Then we have some honorable mentions. Those who made some efforts to incorporate some elements of Kawakubo or avant-garde into their own style, yet still quite safe.

It is too bad the internet and mainstream media seem to be focusing on putting Instagram queens on the spotlights of the event's coverage. Most of them did not even bother to even respect the avant-garde theme. I get it, the media would only put faces who spark public interests. But since when is the Met turning into a who-can-show-the-most-skin race?

Not only that, some mainstream media even straight out called Caroline Kennedy's look to be unflattering. In case they didn't understand; Avant-garde supposed to go against fashion norms, and Caroline wore Comme des Garcons, she should be applauded for wearing something out of the norms yet respectful to the theme. Moreover, Caroline was the ambassador of Japan and a friend of Rei Kawakubo. So how dare them calling it unflattering? Well, thank God she is a Kennedy woman. After all her family went through, i'm sure as hell she gives no fuck to the haters.

The Met Ball was founded with a spirit of honoring a strong sense of creativity that is found in a wearable form. With that base alone, it is very distinct than many other high-profile events that are flocked by similar a-listers. The Met Ball is the place where designers walk side-by-side with their muses on the red carpet. Because here, they are celebrated. They ARE the stars.

That said, we should expect the best interpretations of the theme on the carpet. Even if it woud make them look batshit crazy. Those who can still look like stars, wearing the outfit instead of letting the outfit wearing them, are the real winners.

It is true that some themes does not have clear stylistic directive, and some only favour one gender.

I'm looking forward to next year, perhaps more people would get the memo and wow us with the best of fashion and creativity can offer.

'Til then, we got Kendall Jenner's ass, yawn.

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