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Updated: May 6, 2020

I have officially jumped into that wordplay bandwagon :P

But anyway, the glamour week was here! And i am not talking about fashion week, neither the oscars! Thanks to the annual Cannes Film Festival held at the city of Cannes, and let's not forget also the Monaco Monte-Carlo F1 Grand Prix at the neighbouring principality, stars and billionaires race to the French riviera to watch and be watched.

But anyway, I'd skip Monaco and let's talk about la crème de la crème of all film festivals.

Cannes Film Festival turned 70 this year. The festival is an occassion to preview new films from all over the world, special awards also handed to some films at the end of the festival. Naturally actors, directors and who's who of the film industry, including Hollywood, are in attendance. There are also regular movie enthusiasts who are desperate to snatch an invitation to the invite-only event.

However, just like any other events involving celebrities, the event has turned into a showcase of style, featuring models, musicians, and even fashion designers. The event includes multiple red carpet sessions on the staircase entrance of Palais de Festival, something that surely puts the Oscars to shame.

Taking advantage of the presence of global celebrities, the week is also an occasion for corporate events and charities. The most notable are jewelry brands, who lend a handful of its most precious pieces to the stars, use the occasion to launch a new collection, others are simply throwing a party for the sake of fun (waiting for your invite, de Grisogono!). Notable charity organization like AmFAR, who donates money to find the cure for HIV, regularly hosts a fund-raising gala at the uber-chic Hotel Cap Eden Roc in the neighbouring Antibes during the festival week.

Five-star hotels, beach clubs, high-end shops, and floating yacths, Cannes and the French riviera do make a perfect setting for stars to peacock. Heck, freaking Scott Disick was even spotted in the city and who knows what he's up to!


What makes Cannes so fascinating is perhaps that it has been a place where stars dressed up on and off the event. Thanks to paparazzis some of their regular fashion choices could then be immortalized and turned into iconic fashion moments.

This was the case in 1953 where 19 year-old Brigitte Bardot was photographed at the beach sporting a bikini, right in front of the legendary Carlton hotel. It created such a scandal in the then conservative society, before eventually initiating a major swimsuit trend. Today this would seems quite tame, especially in an era when a 20 year-old girl can show up in an event practically half-naked.

Brigitte Bardot in Cannes

{Brigitte Bardot in Cannes /Getty}

There must be something in the French riviera water, as something seems to tingle the fashion senses of these celebrities (or their stylists, let's be real). In comparison to Hollywood's award season, we see more celebrities taking risks in Cannes. The fact that the event lasts for multiple days and extends to parties and private events, gives a chance for stars to play around with fashion..and diamonds!

There are countless of beautiful, stunning looks in Cannes. However, i round-up some that totally stole the show from the whole week; not necessarily the most beautiful...but clearly make a statement.

Check out the gallery below (tap to see the captions):

Cannes is not Cannes without the presence of the most precious accessories. The biggest jewelry houses are in line to put their most precious pieces on these celebrities. Some even protected themselves from the French riviera sun by adding some cool shades. Check out some of the accessories choices (jewelry and sunglasses) that definitely made the look below;

Without a doubt, Cannes has become a true fashion stage on its own. No wonder some designers consider to stage a show there during the festival week. Chanel once presented their cruise collection at the Cap Eden Roc hotel, Phillip Plein staged his resort collection this year, and lingerie giant Victoria's Secret staged their first ever overseas show there in 2000. Before It was even a TV spectacle we know today.

Can't wait until next year. Perhaps we will see something more unexpected from these stars.

Because they Cannes!

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