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Updated: May 6, 2020

Ever since she held the coveted golden statuette on the stage of the 2007 Academy Awards for Best Actress, Marion Cotillard has been the biggest French darling in Hollywood. That iconic role as Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose (known as La Môme in French) really took her International career off as an actress and a fashion icon.

It wasn't too long after her Oscar victory that the house of Dior snatched her as a muse for their signature handbag Lady Dior. Appearing in various print campaigns, she also lent her acting skill in the Lady Dior saga; a 4 clips saga shot by various notable directors (Olivier Dahan, Jonas Akerlund, and David Lynch) set in different cities such as Shanghai, London, and Paris.

Dior's move marked a new era for the house. If I can recall, it was probably the beginning for the house to use stars of the entertainent industry as the face of the brand. Before Marion, the bag was only modeled by models (even though they were the topest of the industry, but hey, we understood that the Supermodel era is long gone). It was also a new era in luxury advertising where story telling was out in full force, especially with the advancement of the digital world and the rise of social media.

[Marion Cotillard's first ever ad campaign for Lady Dior. Dior/Peter Lindberg]

[Dior campaign during Raf Simons' era. Dior/Peter Lindberg]

[Marion posed for W magazine wearing Dior. W magazine/Tim Walker]

The exclusivity contract perhaps eased the job of her stylist a little bit, as Dior was a must-go for almost every public appearance, especially red carpet events. However, what the public can witness is how her style evolved throughout the years along with Dior's aesthetics. Afterall, Marion remained the face of the house as its creative directors changed over the years; from John Galliano to Raf Simons to Maria Grazia Chiuri, AND every interim in between. It is only logical that her face was becoming quite synonymous with the house of Dior. Moreover, Dior is pretty much one of the Frenchiest fashion house in the game, they couldn't be a better pair.

But recently, Marion appeared on various high profile events at the Caness Film Festival wearing something else BUT Dior, talking about a literal fashion statement. Reports then fly around that Dior discontinued her as the face of the house, as the current creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, preferred to refresh the brand's image and work with a younger star like Rihanna.

Shocking to some. Rumour has it that they dropped her about only 2 weeks prior to the Cannes week, and it dissappointed her. Well, not such a surprise as not only it must be a hefty contract to lose, but also no one wants to hear that they are pretty much too old to represent something.

What's Next?

Well, so far there are no reports if Marion will take on another exclusive contract to be the face of a brand. But in terms of fashion, she showed us already that the girl has RANGE. If she is ready to make lemonade out of this, she definitely could.

Based on her fahion history, we can already see what works for her. She embodies the essence of French sophistication; showing just enough skin without revealing much, exquisite tayloring and occasional prints.

Having said that, her stylist could definitely reach out to one of these designers!

Armani Privé

Armani has been known on defying trends and focuses more on elegance and tayloring. Marion herself has chosen the house to dress her for one of the red carpet events at Cannes recently, and the look itself already sreamed 'eat your heart out Dior'!

Stella McCartney

Marion isn't afraid to be youthful and fun, and Stella McCartney clearly is one of the go-to designers for that. No wonder she wore Stella McCartney multiple times.

Brandon Maxwell

Celebrity stylist turned designer Brandon Maxwell is one of the hottest designer for celebrities to turn to these days. His strength in eveningwear has consistently put stars on best dress list on the red carpet. So, why not give him a chance?


Miuccia Prada's woman is strong and playful, these are the two characters that Marion like to play on the red carpet.

Dries Van Noten

No one can mix prints like Dries does, and Marion sure loves some prints. So now she knows where to get her prints!


The Spanish house might not be so new, but its new creative director, Joseph Font, has definitely put it back on the map. Architectural, modern, yet unapologetically feminine; 3 elements that Marion can definitely pull off.


If the rumours were true, then nothing is more dramatic then going to Dior's direct competitor. Yep, it's none other than the house of Chanel. From their haute couture to cosmetic and fragrance, the houses have been in competition for decades and both have significance in founding the essence of Parisian fashion. Plus, Karl Lagerfeld is in no short of looks that can suit Marion to a tee.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier dressed Marion for her very first Oscar appearance AND winning moment. Undoubtedly he will always be special for her. Marion even went back to Jean Paul to dress her at Cannes in what reported to be a last minute thing, right after she was dropped by Dior. Being both French, they clearly have a special connection. This special relationship could allow her to get custom pieces just for her whenever she wishes. That's what friends are for, and now we know that Jean Paul got her back!

[Left: Winning an Oscar in 2007. Right: On the red carpet at Cannes 2017]

[Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2017 haute couture. Yannis Vlamos/indigital.tv]

As an accomplished actress, she clearly has shown us her versatility by taking on various roles. She clearly channeled that skill with her fashion, whitout losing herself for the sake of it. Dior can take on the credit for putting her on the map as a style icon. However, she and her stylist now have the freedom to play around with fashion and some of the designers I've mentioned are just a few of many who would definitely dress the Oscar-winning actress.

As for a new brand ambassador contract, I wouldn't be surprised if a high jewelry or timepieces brand approach her.

And for now dear Marion, another Oscar-winning performance in the near future, peut-être?

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