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Updated: May 6, 2020

She might have not posed for a men's magazine, nor was she a former couture supermodel, but the world is certainly paying attention to Brigitte Macron, the wife of the freshly elected French president Emmanuel Macron.

What I meant by the 'world' is actually the fashion world. Yes. mainstream fashion publications like Harper's Bazaar and Vogue do pay attention to her style. British Vogue even went on into praising her for 'redefining first lady dressing'. Effectively, she has also been seen front rows at fashion week shows in Paris.

Since then, the Brigitte boat clearly didn't stop sailing as people in the social media also jumped on it and sail along. On Instagram, one account by the name of Brigitte Macron Fashion is fully dedicated to her fashion, not only by showing her looks but also crediting the brand of each pieces worn by Brigitte; from her earrings to her shoes. She is also being is the subject of funny fashion memes dedicated for her by the Instagram account Brigitte C'est Chic.

Unlike Melania Trump or former French first lady Carla Bruni, who were both former models (different kind of modelling obviously!) and could easily be fashion stars of the political stages, Brigitte came from a rather humble background and is quite a non-traditional choice to deserve a shout-out from major fashion publications.

As a 64 year old woman, being 24 years old senior to her husband, she has been the subject of endless scrutiny and (sometimes) straight-up cyber bullying. From her husband's gay rumours (would be fabulous though), to nasty comments regarding her age, one must admit that she resisted fabulously. An indication of power that makes the public understand that Emmanuel is no Macron without Brigitte behind him.

There are several reasons why Brigitte Macron might be the French fashion darling in the making.

Macron Mania

Without getting into politic talks, I could really feel the so-called Macron-Mania fever that spreads across France, and even the world. When he ran for presidency he seems like nothing but an odd-choice to lead the French republic. Breaking the traditional political barriers by running through his own political party, carefully named after his own initials; En Marche! Emmanuel is known for his centrist position and liberals across the globe crowned him as the "last hope" when conservative politicians seem to gained more power and supports more than ever, notably in the United States and Europe.

Elected at the age of 39, Emmanuel is the youngest French president ever. Good looking, speaks fluent English, pro-European Union, and not afraid to show full support to young start-up companies in France. So much so that the public jokingly called him as the start-up president. The Macron brand seems to offer a fresh energy in French politics, and the whole western world has high hopes from him.

Undoubtedly, Emmanuel Macron becomes the new poster child of Hope 2.0, (the first one was Obama). It is natural that the woman beside him would receive just as much attention. If not for her politics, than rather for her style.

(Brigitte in Louis Vuitton, the night her husband declared the winner of the Presidential race)

The Unexpected Love Story

Nothing fascinates people more than a good love story. When it involves powerful people, a good love story could simply humanizes them. That alone can gain public favour and spark a global fascination that is every publicist's wet dream.

Emmanuel Macron met Brigitte when she was a drama teacher in a high school he attended. He was 15, and she was married. It causes a quite a stir, but this sure is not your typical love stpry.

Moreover, it gets us more intrigued by Brigitte. What does she have that a young, bright, handsome man who can possible please any girl he wanted, fell in love with his own drama teacher and marry her?

Sixty-Fucking-Four and Fabulous

People could not stop talking about her age, due to her age gap with her husband. However, we seem to forget that she IS 64 and looks damn good for that age. I mean, Camilla Parker Bowles is only 4 years older than her, just saying.

She dresses appropriately, yet she refuses to follow the tradition of dressing like a boring 'old' lady. I don't know any 64 year old woman who would rock an Alexandre Vauthier blazer like a boss, or a pair of leather Louis Vuitton skinny pants.

Brigitte Macron style

Legs For Days

Did I mention her legs? Woman isn't afraid to show off her legs.

Brigitte Macron legs

Brigitte Macron seems like a woman who is not afraid to break tradition and rules. Remarrying someone alot younger or dressing fearlessly, she does not let her age stop her from living. A lesson every woman (or man) could take.

As the first lady of France, the land of haute couture, there must be a tiny pressure that she should represent the country's fashion heritage in the best way possible. And as a French woman, she shows us once again that the essence of style is attitude.

While she might have the attitude the fashion world is noticing, Nicholas Ghesquiere was quick enough to jump in and dress her for many public appearances in Louis Vuitton; a collaboration that should make all the sense, with Vuitton being the biggest French luxury house in the world, and Nicholas as a French man.

After Bardot, another Brigitte as a French icon?

Brigitte Macron

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