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Updated: May 6, 2020

The aunt that we all wish we had, Celine Dion, has definitely gone through a metamorphosis. Today she spreads her wings and fly like the most fashionable butterfly in the room (sorry Mariah!), having more fun than ever, and looking unapologetically fabulous. Blessing us with looks after looks assuring us that she is a mothereffing fashion icon aside from being a musical diva.

We all recognize Celine's powerful golden voice and many iconic tunes she has given us for decades. The woman is probably Quebec's finest import and truly THE living global musical legend.

In our eyes, perhaps Celine has never been considered as THE fashion star. Don't get me wrong, she always delivers. She might take risks from here and there (remember the 1999 Golden Globes outfit anyone?) Well, it WAS the 90s; where stars showed up in the red carpet giving no effs and was all about self-expression. But ever since that era and in general, Celine has always dress beautifully, appropriately, but not as bold as what she is giving us today.

[Ahead of her time? Celine at the 1999 Golden Globes /Rex]

Her recent fashion come up, however, might actually send a bigger message than just a makeover. You might have read it elsewhere about the reasons why (Celine is such a hot topic in fashion now -duh!) But since we are talking about Celine Dion here, I think it is only appropriate to break them down with Celine Dion's song titles.



Extraordinary talent, wealth, and style clearly couldn't save her from tragedy. She lost her beloved husband, René Angelil, when he lost his battle with cancer in 2016. Aside from being the only man she has ever been with, René was known to be the man who created THE Celine Dion as her longtime manager. In the same week, Celine also lost her brother, also from cancer, adding to an extreme grief she has already endured.

Since then, a new day truly has come to Celine. As any widow would, all she does was trying to manifest strength in front of for her 3 kids. Not only that, she also stated that she feels the need to please her sons and their generation, that she is a 'cool' mom not a 'regular' mom! (Well, if my mom has a Las Vegas residency i don't think i need a reassurance that she is NOT a regular mom). This explains her appearance in the hottest showbiz events of the year; from the Grammys to the Met Gala, with such high energy that even left some red carpet interviewers speechless, in awe of her presence.

[A sense of humour. Celine surprised us all by wearing the Titanic sweatshirt from the much hyped label Vêtements ]

[Celine was showing us that green is not a colour of envy, but instead it is a colour of joy, in Gucci]

[In for the kill]


Celine's career has spanned for 30 years and it was not built in a day. One of the hardest working women in the industry, she worked her way into the peak of stardom since she was only a teenager. Known as a non-drinker, never used drugs and living a scandal-free life, her focus seems like only to deliver flawless albums and performances, along with being a good wife and mother.

As her kids grew bigger, with René-Charles, the oldest, already in his teenage years, Celine is supposedly reclaiming her youth. She is finally enjoying the "fun" aspect of being a star, and actually LIVING, and we don't blame her.

[She believes the hype. Celine wearing the latest Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection]

[Serving us next-level floral pants suit in Roberto Cavalli]

[Slaying an all black Saint Laurent ensemble and the ultra glamourous slouchy boots]


Celine might have collaborated with the biggest names in music, that helped shaped her career. But when it comes to her fashion, her recent hiring of Law Roach as her stylist is actually the key of her fashion come-up. With other hot and young stars as his clients such as Zendaya (no stranger to the Best Dressed Lists) and Ariana Grande, Law is currently the BEAST in celebrity styling.

No wonder Tyra Banks took Law, popularly known as the image architect to be one of the judges in the revamped America's Next Top Model last year. Strike while the iron is hot, Ty Ty!

[Celine posed with Law Roach for The Hollywood Reporter]

[Diva in Dior: Chanelling her inner Bella in a mustard yellow leather Dior resort dress]


Probably the biggest reason why Celine has become such a style icon today is because; she is the Celine Dion. Her talent already speaks louder than anything for decades, and its time for her fashion to shine.

[Celine in Celine. 'Nuff said]

[Yes, kween]

It comes in no surprise that the fashion world is embracing to the fullest that now she is a regular front row in Paris Fashion Week. Almost every outings of hers' in Paris is a fashion showdown and she is not afraid to play along with us.

In honour of the Haute Couture week in Paris and Celine's presence, Vogue tapped Celine as the star of their digital motion fashion editorial. And yes, she WORKS every scene with her theatrical energy. Bow down.


Aunt Celine might have been through alot. But her energy, attitude and perserverance really turned her life around in such a different way. Not only ever since her husband's passing that she became a fashion icon. Music wise, the chanteuse also came back with a bang as her Francophone album "Encore Un Soir" received huge commercial success in both Canada and France. It is also Celine's first ever French album to appear on US Billboard chart. Slay!

[Perfoming My Heart Will Go On for its 20th anniversary during the 2017 Billboard Awards, in a stunning Stephane Rolland couture / Reuters]

I guess it's a real testimony that whatever hardships we might face, life goes on and so should your heart and your spirit.


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