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Updated: May 6, 2020

Ten years ago, who knew that the Florentine heritage brand that was once an icon of the porno-chic era under Tom Ford, would actually sees the day when real fur, a long-time symbol of luxury and glamour in fashion, will no longer be produced by the house by 2018.

Today is the day. The use of real fur has been a controversial issue in the past decades, to an extent that we've witnessed the rising of PETA protests outside and inside of fashion shows that showcased fur.

[Tom Ford era Gucci ad/ Mario Testino]

But today Gucci clearly entered a new era. Especially ever since Alessandro Michele took over the creative direction and made Gucci as the new darling of the fashion world. His creative success drove the brand to a new level of desirability, effectively turned the brand as the new cash cow of its conglomerate owner Kering.

The bigger and wider visibility of the brand apparently inspired the company to do good, and finally react to animal rights concerns. The company, that has been getting younger sets of customers, also stated that real fur is simply not 'modern' and no longer fitting to the demand of its younger clienteles who tend to be more ecologically conscious. Is it a ballsy move? Absolutely. The Business of Fashion cited that fur products are worth about 10 billion euros annually; A number not to be ignored. Let's also not forget that this news is coming from a house who just succesfully driven the world bananas with its fur loafers!

[Gucci's now iconic fur loafers /Rex Shuttershock]

[Gucci fox fur coat by in one of Alessandro Michele's creations /Getty images]

But the house is planned to showcase alternatives through various fabrics innovations that are promised to be equally luxurious.

This move will officially put Gucci into a fur-free alliance with Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Seems like being fur-free is becoming a real trend now, who knows which other luxury houses will follow suit and put real fur to be a thing of fashion's past.

I might just have to ditch (or hide, to be exact) my fox fur-collared coat soon. Fur real!

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