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Updated: May 6, 2020


A French model by the name of Ines Rau has been announced to be the magazine's newest playmate, to be featured in as the magazine's november centerfold.

This is rather special as Ines was born a male. She becomes the magazine's first ever (openly) transgender playmate. She posed for the magazine already in 2014 and she clearly delivered as she got invited again to be a playmate.

[Playboy USA / Derek Kettela]

The step obviouly applauded by rights groups for its strong message of inclusivity. Cooper Hefner, Playboy's current CEO and the son of the late Hugh Hefner also defended the magazine's decision and stated that it is his father's vision for the magazine to continuously break boundaries. A bold reason why the magazine featured her in the magazine's Hugh Hefner commemorative issue for November 2017.

In terms of inclusivity in fashion, Playboy now joined Vogue Paris, and Marie Claire Spain as major fashion publications that feature transgender woman as the main star of the issue. The magazine already featured a trans model in early 80s Caroline Cossey, but not as a playmate.

To be a playmate, or Playmate of the Month, means the model featured gets a centerfold poster, and special spread in the magazine, and reportedly got paid US$ 25,000. So yes, it is kind of a big deal.

A great milestone for Ines and Playboy, yet haters can't really be avoided. Jenna Jameson, former adult star completely criticized the magazine and saying she is unsubscribing, accompanied by some nasty transphobic tweets. (girl bye!)

Trans or not trans. Beauty is beauty, and not not all beauty slays. Ines' does. Just look at these pictures.

[Ines Rau and Tyson Beckford for OOB magazine / Rodolfo Martinez]

[Vogue Italia / Urivaldo Lopes]

If Playboy wants to stay relevant and live up to its iconic status, this is exactly what the magazine needs.

Félicitations Ines!

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