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Updated: May 6, 2020

This might be the very first time that I talk about Kim Kardashian, or any of the Kardashian-Jenner klan on this website. The longevity of their relevance is the very reason why it might never be too late to start.

Here’s what happened; Kim Kardashian (West? Whatever, i knew her as Kim K, she will always be Kim K for me) made it to the cover of the world’s most influential fashion magazine, US Vogue magazine, and this time as a solo act. Inside, she made a BOMB revelation that she is pursuing a law education through a four-year apprenticeship program in a San Francisco law firm, aiming to take the bar in 2022. If that sounds batshit crazy coming from Kim, or ANY Kardashian if you may, except of his late father who WAS an attorney, you are not alone to have such a reaction.

But before we dig deep on how serious is she taking it. Let’s start by looking through the image of this mother of 3-plus-1-on-the-way has evolved through the lense of the magazine that covers this story.


I first find out about Kim Kardashian since the very beginning of her reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I must say it has truly entertained me and glued me to E! Channel (along with E News and the fabulous True Hollywood Story that sadly is no longer running!)

What i noticed from this family is how crazy they could be. You get Kourtney who seems calm and collected at all times yet savage at the right moment, Khloe who would never afraid to express her displeasure even to her own mom (Kris, i’m gonna fucking sue you!), and then of course you get Kris Jenner, the ultimate stage mom extraordinaire who takes on a role as the mommager and pretty much the puppet master of the whole Kardashian empire. (Cheering on Kim during her nude Playboy photoshoot, and was doing nude photoshoot of her own afterwards, this woman is truly a champ!).

I would say that Kim has always been the quietest one, compare to her seemingly louder sisters and mom, but one can always see that she is the center of it all. She is the Princess who is the most in-demand for plenty of gigs, her mom seems to favour her also, (well she made banks for her as well! You gotta take care of your cash cow, no?) However, her calm demeanor in the show might serve her as an empty canvas; allowing her character to be developed on screen and in real life and, perhaps, for people to take her even more seriously later on.

Remember the first time she made it into the Vogue cover? It was April 2017 and the world went crazy over it. Actress Sarah-Michelle Gellar did not even hesitate to throw serious shade through Twitter towards the reality TV queen and her husband, Kanye West, who were both pictured together on the cover by Annie Leibovitz (I am not a fan of that wedding-looking picture though).

Anna Wintour had to defend the 2014 cover, stating the couple defined the culture of today and Vogue has to reflect the landscape of today’s culture. Well, Anna tends to made bold decision and at times it worked. Afterall, this is a woman who received so much crap over putting Madonna on the cover back in 1989. If that were to happen today, people will easily scream “YAS, qween!”.

Today, the world has come so far and it seemed to be a nicer place for Kim Kardashian. Ever since that 2014 cover, she was featured in various editions of Vogue across the globe; from India, Brazil, Australia, and Spain. Sure it might not be as impressive as her sister Kendall Jenner who, in total, has been on 13 Vogue covers globally, but Kendall is persistent on being a ‘model’, so being on magazine covers is kind of her thing, while Kim is a persona who labeled herself as a businesswoman.

Surprise surprise! The choice of displaying Kim and Kanye on the cover at the end was proven effective. Whatever Anna was trying to do, she did deliver. The issue sold 500,000 copies, beating issues with Beyonce and Michelle Obama on the cover. Anna Wintour knows one thing; there’s no such thing as bad press. The backlash was certainly worth it.


The Kardashians did not come from any artistic, political, or aristocratic dynasty. They’ve got a splash of spotlight being involved in one of the biggest scandals that was played out on public in the 90s, which was the OJ Simpson trial. As Robert Kardashian, the family’s patriarch, was one of OJ’s attorney. So the Kardashian name has been pretty much out there along with the so-called “Dream Team”- a group of attorneys who defended the famous football player, alongside Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro. A very public trial that was even televised on TV, it was pretty much the world’s first ever reality show. Neither did the Kardashians know at that time that one day, they will have one of their own.

Kim and the Kardashians were always criticised for one thing; not having actual talent, and get famous for it. Not only that, the reason why we all know Kim’s name on the first place (well, for most of us) was when she was filmed under Ray J. Any actual accomplishment that Kim and her family has today was always drawn back to Kim’s past; “She only got here because of her sextape”.

Not entirely false. However, considering how the family is still very much relevant until today, and continue to take in people’s dollars, it surely shows that they have some talent. The only thing is, it is not a traditional talent.

They don’t sing nor act, dance, or paint, but they are the masters of personal branding. They’ve used the basic concept of reality TV stars; people who share their personal life on TV for public consumption, and took it further and using the next level form of communication as their weapon; social media. Kim Kardashian knows damn well that her following is her strength. She engaged with them and listen to their interest.

More importantly, the girl knows what she can sell. Her physical feature, for example, is something that is quite noticeable about her (obviously!). Well, she uses that and turn it into her ‘brand’. As a result, she isn’t afraid to show her curves and that junk in the trunk on every occasion possible (she even made the bottle of her fragrance to be shaped after her body). It is not always tastefully done, but i cheer on her consistency. Brand consistency is highly important!

After doing deals here and there, Kim also took her business to a different field. Turning dust into diamonds, she used some of the most-memed-about moments of her life into a series of emoji, and cleverly named it Kimoji. Starting a trend, we now have GagaMoji, ChyMoji, and all other ‘Mojis from celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Heidi Klum, and Kardashian sisters’ nemesis Blac Chyna.

Kim’s endeavor in the digital universe did not stop there. Once again she was banking on her own persona as that glamorous Hollywood girl who is living the high life and might be targeting those who aspire to live that kind of life. With a game that is probably modeled after her own life, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, players can take private planes, attend red carpet, purchase outfits from the likes of Balmain by Olivier Rousteing, and work their way up from being E-list to A-list stars. Well, i am not a game person so i would be the worst person to give a review, but numbers can also indicate something. Since its release, it has made $100 million!

From this, Kim clearly understands WHO are her following, their aspirations, and their capability of spending. Take all of that, bottle up everything about her, and sell it to them. The results? Millions of Dollars. Not too bad for a girl with no talent.


Her somewhat glamourous image did not come with no risk. The robbery in Paris clearly was a turning point for her. Although some was questioning if it was all staged, i personally did believe it happened. First of all, it is Paris, i can assure you robbery CAN happen regardless of where are you staying, especially if no guards are in place. Secondly, Kim has been flaunting all those diamonds all over social media, and as a person with astronomical social media following, it’s almost impossible to ignore. That’s like robber bait right there, and even the late Karl Lagerfeld thought so!

She claimed that the experience changed her. She went completely silent on social media for a couple of months (which is huge for Kim or any Kardashian), and vow that she would never flaunt her wealth the way she used to.

Well, i’m sure showing off wealth at this point is pretty inevitable for someone like her, but she might have used this attack as an opportunity to gain the public’s sympathy, develop her character, and do a victory walk into the court of public opinion eventually.

She promised a new Kim. This new Kim is someone who is conscious about the state of the world, and willing to work in order to create change. (oh, and this Kim also believes that money isn’t everything anymore!). I found it hard to believe, but since i truly believe the attack was real, i thought this must have had a significant impact for her.

She started of by being political and start voicing her support for US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. We all know the result of that election, Clinton lost over Trump. However, it doesn’t stop her on addressing tough issues and persuade Trump to get on board with her. She successfully freed Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother who was sentenced for life in prison for a non-violent drug crime. That seemed to be an eye opening reality for her; that she can make a change in someone’s life.

Then news after news of Kim Kardashian involvement with prison reform discussion seems to keep coming. I started to think wow, maybe this girl actually meant business.

She continued her activism by advocating to improve the treatment of women prisoners, which successfully turned into law in California. She also stepped in to cover rents of a non-violent drug offender Matthew Charles, who was just released from prison, after landlords refused to rent him their properties. Reportedly, Kim also successfully made the governor of California to end death penalty in the state. One can see she really does have an influence.

If we look back, Kim isn’t really far off from acting like a lawyer. Remember when she collected receipts and exposed Taylor Swift’s lies over her claim that she knew nothing about her unflattering shout-out in Kanye’s song? Or when she hacked into her sister's boyfriend’s voicemails to catch them cheating? She certainly good at digging into people’s dirt, collect receipts, and present them when it’s appropriate. Maybe she does have a shot to practice law.

To me, i think everyone deserves a chance to learn. She might not go through law school like many aspiring lawyers do, but hey, the system in California allows her to practice law after 4 years of apprenticeship and passing the bar exam. I guess if you don’t like that fact, don’t hate her, hate the game. Right?

If she is to become a lawyer, Kim Kardashian also must be able to perform under the pressure and all kinds of scrutiny (I mean, can you imagine a lawyer breaks down in court?). The fact that Kim has been able to survive all the haters proved that she is simply bulletproof and her influence can clearly be used for good if she wants to.

At the end, Kim is the world’s ultimate influencer. She influenced people through social media into buying whatever crap she sells and promote. With the right knowledge and this woke new persona, who knows, maybe she will be able to influence people, and perhaps even world leaders to do better!

In the words of Elle Woods. "You must always have faith in people. And, most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.” On that note, please proceed, Kim, surprise us!

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