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The world might be closed down at the moment, but our minds shouldn't be. Whether you're in quarantine, self-isolating, social distancing, or whatever terms you choose to use, it is increasingly important to feed our mind with positive vibrations, to dream, and to wander. After all, this could be the very moment that might inspire you to the fullest!

Obviously, fashion has always been inspiring and it's the very base of this blog. In the time with so many negative headlines blasting every second, an escape is what we all need. This is why today we are blessed with technology, where we can hop on a journey and fill our minds with enriching thoughts in the comfort, and safety, of our own home.

[Candice Swanepoel for Vogue MexicoSeptember 2013, by Mariano Vivanco]

For that, here is a list of documentaries and YouTube channels with fashion content that shall keep you inspired. No need to look further, these insightful content are available on YouTube. So get your Dalgona coffee ready and start watching!


Who love some BBC documentary? I do. This 2007 documentary might be a bit dated, but just like a piece of Haute Couture itself, the content remains timeless. The director and narrator Margy Kinmoth took us to Paris and New York as she follows the creation of the ultra lux clothing that could ever exist in this world, speaking to key personalities from Haute Couture houses such as the late Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, Baroness Helene de Ludinghausen, former director of Yves Saint Laurent house, and the clients themselves who give incredible insights on the secret world of Haute Couture. (p.s. Turn on that VPN magic if you can't view the video)

Watch here.


The spectacular exhibition showcases the best of Dior houses, from its history to its complete universe created by the legacy of every Creative Directors who have taken the helm of this historic French house. Made available by The house of Dior itself, the documentary follows the journey of Florence Muller and Olivier Gabet, the curators of Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, to execute one of the most elaborate fashion exhibitions in the museum to date, involving super precise coordinations, technological advances, and the exquisite works from the Dior archive.

Watch here.


If there's one person who truly blossom during quarantine it's none other than Naomi Campbell. She might not be one of those TV talk show hosts who do their shows from home, but girl does not disappoint when it comes to content! Mostly because it seems like all her famous guests come from her own phone contacts or even a speed dial. If you wonder what a conversation between 90s supermodels reminiscing about their legendary moments would be like, then this series is for you. Not only that, Serena and Venus Williams, Diddy, Lee Daniels, Paris Hilton, and even Anna Wintour have been her guests in her daily episode. The list continues to grow, so stay tuned!

Watch here.


French director Loïc Prigent might crack you up with his wit that you can see all over his social media (If you happen to understand French), but he has also produced videos that makes fashion very entertaining and super insightful. From going behind the scene of fashion shows talking to designers and studio workers, to breaking down look by look, Loic's channel is wrapped up with a touch of humour. If you think the French are so serious and stuck up, think agin.

​Watch here


Another great work by Loic Prigent. The ARTE documentary pretty much dissects all the things you need to know about Haute Couture, in a manner that is much more lighthearted than The Secret World, and obviously much more updated. Sounds fabulous? Well, we have to thank some YouTube users who bravely uploaded pieces of this documentary for the whole world to enjoy!

Watch here and here (part 2).


Every edition of global fashion magazine might have their own YouTube channel that certainly has interesting content. What stands out with Vogue's channel, to me, is this particular series called Behind The Red Carpet. Why? Because some of the content are about red carpet dresses that created quite some buzz. I mean, ever wonder how could Cardi B land that vintage Thierry Mugler piece for the Grammy's? Exactly. Look it up!

Watch here.


We've known his photographs, especially those with supermodels in the 90s being playful on the beach wearing oversized shirts, or the Vogue cover shot on the streets of New York. The late photographer has shot some of the most iconic photos in history of fashion, in his signature mostly black and white style. The DW documentary went in and see how the legendary German photographer narrate a story through his lens.

Watch here


Karlie Kloss has lived quite an interesting life. The midwestern girl already ruled the runways at the age of 15, being John Galliano's favourite opening girl at his theatrical fashion shows, and now being an activist and TV personality who is married to a Kushner. She has seen a lot, and if you're interested to see the world through her eyes you might want to subscribe to Klossy's channel.

Watch here.


This might be a bit different, but doesn't mean it doesn't worth checking. This channel was started by YouTuber Luke Meagher who isn't afraid to speak his mind, and criticise the whole industry if he has to (from major fashion shows to Coachella, no one is safe from his 'roasts'). He might be young, but he also likes to educate his following by occasionally speak about fashion history, and his 300k + subscribers seem to enjoy his sass.

Watch here.


Fashion industry is unpredictable, and it could end up being the topic of endless discussions. If you enjoy deep conversations dissecting collections, or a moment in fashion and pop culture, Show Studio can be your go-to channel. Founded by Nick Knight, the platform has certainly taken the language of fashion to a new height.

Watch here.

This list might get an update. Do you have something more in mind? Share your thoughts below!

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